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is a specialized company of high performance Polyimide film and tape material. We established since 1999, provide Polyimide film and tape material all around the world. One of the leading supplier of Polyimide film, adhesive tape and heat seal polyimide tape through high quality, superior delivery, rapid response and providing our customers with the most cost effective solution for their applications.


High Performance Insulation Material - Polyimide Film

Polyimide film is one the highest insulation grade material in the world with very high heat-durability and heat-stability. It can be used at both high and low temperatures where other organic material would not be functional. Polyimide film can maintain excellent physical, chemical, electrical and mechanical properties over a very wide temperature range. Polyimide film will not sustain or propagate flame. It will not produce any smoke when exposed to rated at -220˘XC to 260˘XC (-364˘XF to 500˘XF) for continuous service, Polyimide film can function for brief periods after exposure to temperatures up to 400˘XC (752˘XF). It also retains its high dielectric strength even at elevated temperatures and performs well at - 220˘XC (-364˘XF) without becoming brittle. It is now broadly used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, energy and transportation.


General Properties

Excellent dielectric strength,

Wide temperature range

Excellent dielectric dissipation factor,

Radiation resistance at elevated temperatures

Chemical resistance at elevated temperatures,

Flame resistant



Electrical insulation for wire

Electrical insulation for cable tapes

Insulation for formed coil insulation

Substrates for flexible printed circuits

Motor slot liners

Magnetic wire insulation

Transformers and capacitor insulation

Pressure sensitive tapes

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